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General Questions

Here are some general Q&A we run into regularly

Wilkins IT Solutions has been around since 2012 and is your leading local managed wordpress team. We have the proper infrastrucutre and systems to keep your business online and noticed.
We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your hosting and setup. If you are unsatisfied within 30 days of service then we will refund your money for the applicable product. Please note that Domains, some hosting fees and SSL certificates are non-refundable.
We do not offer any free trials, if you would like to test our environment, please contact us so we can setup test environments for you to use with your applications.
Most of our products will automatically be setup once payment has been received. In some cases, manual approval will be required and it will be noted in your account if your order is awaiting approval.
We accept Paypal, VISA, Mastercard & EMT.
Please contact us for a custom quote for bulk orders.
We are a full service IT company, we offer not only web services such as hosting, domains, design and email but we also provide computer hardware, software, antivirus, networks and servers. You can visit our parent site here for more information
Once you have an account with us, our preferred method is through the support portal in your account. You can always just call us too!

Managed WordPress FAQ

Here are questions more specific to Managed WordPress

We have a full page dedicated to the in's and out's of Managed WordPress here but essentially it is hosting where the hosting provider also manages your wordpress installation with varying degrees of management. We only offer full management of your WordPress where we handle security, backup, updates, etc.
Absolutely, it is your site afterall. We also will have our own Admin login ID which we regularly change the password for security which we use to login and perform our maintenance.
Yes, all of our Managed Hosting packages come with discounts to our development rates, we can help maintain your E-Commerce store, your blog whatever you like.
We have dedicated Managed WordPress servers which only our managed clients go on to. This coupled with server firewalls and professional WordFence licenses on your WordPress install maximizes your security and provides a perfect system for keeping things secure.
No. Although you have access to your cPanel for your email and DNS settings, we restrict the installs to 1 wordpress per account so we can upkeep our security promise and performance to you. Having more than just WordPress installed on your Managed Hosting is a violation of our ToS.
Yes, we have an extensive library of resources (and so does everyone else) on using WordPress and simple questions where we can lead you to a knowledgebase resource or easily walk you through changing something in WordPress is usually included in your service and we won't charge for the service.
No. In order for you to use our Managed Hosting we need to take a preliminary check of your website and ensure that it can fit in our environment. Bespoke themes and plugins that have no upgrade path or are severely out of date will not be allowed on our Managed Hosting.
The best way to fix it is to have a WordPress Develoepr either redesign your website or move your existing website into a proper framework that has upgrade paths. We offer both of these services and can easily move just about any website into a WordPress Framework that is backed by developers and have it compliant with today's security in as little as 4-6 weeks sometimes faster.

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