Keep your business online without lifting a finger

Running a business is a lot of work. Running a website can start out easy but can quickly become a lot more work than you wanted in the first place.

Managed WordPress takes the guesswork out of running online software and lets you leave it to the pro's. Using our years of experience and dedication to speed, security and site performance, our team can have your website running faster and more secure than it ever has been

Main Benefits:

Free SSL for website AND email

Completely managed WordPress

Access to our development software

WordPress expert support access



Managed WordPress



15 GB Storage

Unmetered Bandwidth

Our Custom Managed
WP Features

10% off WordPress development rates

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Managed WordPress



25 GB Storage

Unmetered Bandwidth

Our Custom Managed
WP Features

WooCommerce Management

20% off WordPress development rates

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Managed WordPress

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Custom Disk Space

Unlimited Bandwidth

All our Managed WP Features

CDN Ready

Customized Optimization

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Do I need managed hosting?

Time is money, we have tested our plans and efficiencies thoroghly against doing it yourself. Taking care of a WordPress website is pretty straight forward but it can get complicated easily, let us handle it for you.

We will give you an overview how to do it

Explain some of the costs of DIY

We even show you the tools we use

You can decide if it is worth it

Ok let's do this, what do I get?

On top of us doing all the work and you sitting back and doing what you do best, here is everything else you get access to.

Instant Setup

Using our management system built right into our server, we can have you up and running in minutes instead of hours or days

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Have a site is great, having it offline isn't. All of our servers have been above 99.9% up since we started this business.

Multiple user support

From helping the admin to helping the person processing orders, we are here to help and support your online business every step of the way.

Development Framework & Tools

We provide development level licenses for some great and well known software like Gravity Forms and a WordPress framework which is used by thousands of people

Fast Website Transfers

Migrating a website isn't hard but it can have challenges, let us take care of the headache's and keep you online throughout the process.

Privately Managed Servers

Only our Managed Hosting accounts are on our servers with no chance of rogue software or un-managed WordPress installations going unchecked and posing a security risk

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