Low Cost Voice over IP

Get a professional and separate business number without having to pay for a monthly line or subscription. Easily connect your phone to your smartphone or computer to use it wherever you go.

With an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) connect your phone to the VoIP service with ease and talk for pennies per minute

Main Features:

Low monthly cost

Great rates worldwide

Per minute starting at $0.025 CAD

Keep your existing phone number

Per minute package

Flat Price Including Local Phone #
$4.95 p/m

Business Per Minute with Auto-Attendant

Flat Price Including Local Phone #
$11.95 p/m

Great features included with all plans

Just because the service is low cost doesn't mean the service is. Using our experience we can get you up and running quickly and with these great features

Fast Setup

Once we receive the order, we contact you right away to either get a phone number picked for you or get the information to port your existing.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Our voice systems have been up for years and are working great! Our vendor is constantly adding new servers and increasing redundancy.

Full User Support

We use this system for our own phone's so we know and can support all of the setups that you want to accomplish with this service.

Customize just about everything

Create custom queues, after hours voicemails and even create custom Caller ID's all for the monthly price.

Global Phone Numbers

Want a local phone number for your customers? We can help you pick a local phone number or pick a Toll-Free

Managed Service

The service doesnt stop after we set you up. We keep your system up and running and help you with any support or changes you want to do every step of the way.

Additional Services and Rates Pricing

Here are some quick estimation numbers for our rates as well as some pricing for some additional services

Phone Numbers Price
Additional Local Number $2.95 p/m
Additional Toll Free Number $3.95 p/m
Vantiy Toll Free Number $6.95 p/m*

Average Rates Price per Min
North America (+1) $0.02
United Kingdom (+44) $0.02
Australia (+61) $0.07

All phone number prices do not include minutes. * Vantiy Toll Free is a $50 Setup fee and is subject to availability.

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